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The only artificial intelligence tablet capable of detecting inappropriate and viral content dangerous for children.

SoyMomo Tablet Lite includes protective cover, available in 2 colors

Recommended for children between 3 and 6 years old

Detection of dangerous content

Unique with Artificial Intelligence system, capable of recognizing dangerous viral images and adult content, it will block and send alerts to the parent application.

Remote screenshot

You can get a screenshot of the SoyMomo Tablet Lite from the parent app. You will instantly receive the image of what was seen when using the tablet

Remote blocking

You can block the SoyMomo Tablet Lite from the parental control application when you consider it convenient.

Remote monitoring

You can moderate parental control from the Tablet Lite or also from our exclusive application, available for Android and iOS devices that is linked to the device in order to configure it and receive information.

Website protection

From the application or directly from the Tablet Lite, you can define and enable which websites your child can visit, as well as completely prohibiting internet browsing.

Application protection

Like websites, unlock the applications that you consider pertinent or safe for the protected use of the Tablet Lite for your children.

Access Google Play Store Apps

From our Tablet Lite your children can download all the Apps from the Google Play Store, such as Netflix, Youtube Kids, Roblox, always accessing the newest Apps! But don’t worry, remember that you can always limit them from the Parental Control App.

Ad Blocking

The little ones will be able to navigate safely, protecting their privacy and reducing the chances of cyber attacks.

Collection of recommended apps

Discover the catalog of recommended Apps available on your SoyMomo Tablet Lite. Your children will learn by playing, they will discover new languages, applications that facilitate learning and more.

Hours of use

You can configure the hours in which you want the children to use the Tablet Lite. The determination of schedules can be applied in two ways, defining ranges of schedules or hours of use.

Activity report

You will be able to receive reports of the usage activity of the Tablet Lite, thus understanding how much time your child spends online and in which applications.

Night Light Filter

The health of our children is the most important thing, that's why our Tablet designed for children applies a light filter that gives us warmer colors when activated. It is ideal for night-time, taking care of their eyes and helping them to sleep better.

Honeycomnb technology case

SoyMomo Tablet Lite comes with an included honeycomb technology gift box. Its edges and corners are designed to make it more resistant to falls and bumps.

Enjoy the best in safe technology for children

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