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The only tablet on the market with cyberbullying-detecting AI

SoyMomo Tablet PRO includes a protective case, available in 2 colors

Recommended for ages 7 to 14

Cyberbullying detector

SoyMomo Tablet Pro will allows you to detect offensive or violent messages and words, to be able to identify cyberbullying within chats and the most used social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.


Class mode

If enabled, your child will only have access to the applications he needs for classes or to those which promote learnig - thereby ensuring maximum concentration and avoiding distractions.

Detection of innapropriate content

Unique with its AI system, it is capable of recognizing viral dangerous images, as well as online adult content. The AI system will block the innapropriate content and an alert will be sent to the parental app.

Remote Screenshot

You can now take a screenshot of the tablet's screen straight from the app. You will receive the image instantly on your mobile.

Remote blocking

You can now block the SoyMomo Tablet Pro straight from the parental control when you deem necessary.

Remote Monitoring

The parental control can be configured directly from the Tablet Pro as well as from the exclusive app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is connected to the Tablet Pro to configure, and receive updates.

Access Google Play Store Apps

Directly from the Tablet Pro, your kids will be able to download all the apps they might need from Google Play Sore Apps, including, but not limited to, Netflix, Youtube Kids and Roblox. Always with the newest updates available. But do not worry, remember you can always keep an eye out and control the access using the parental control app.

Application protection

In the same manner as with websites, you can control which apps your child has access to. Allowing for a safe use by your child.

Use Schedule

You can configurate the Tablet Pro's schedule so as to limit your child's use. This can be done by determining specific hours of use or by setting a total amount of time the tablet can be used in a day.

Website protection

Which websites your child has access to can be configured directly from the Tablet Pro or from the parental app. You even have the option to remove the tablet's internet access.

Activity report

The Tablet Pro will send you activity reports so that you can fully understand how much time your child is spending on the device and what apps he is using.

Ad Block

Now with the integrated ad block, your loved ones can navigate the internet in a safe and protected environment without the the possibility of a cyberattack.

Recommended apps

Dicover the catalogue of SoyMomo recommended apps on your Tablet Pro. Your kids will be able to learn by playing, discover new languages, and enjoy other apps that facilitate learning and more.

Night Shift

Your children's health is our priority, that is why the Tablet Pro is designed to apply a light filter that when activated emits warm light that will help take care of your loved ones eyes and help them sleep better.


SoyMomo Tablet Pro comes with a case whose borders and edges are designed to make it more resistant to falls and other impacts.

Enjoy the best in safe technology for children

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