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A phone in the shape of a watch with 4G network, flashlight, and long-lasting battery.

SoyMomo Space 4G is available in 3 colors for everyone to enjoy

Recommended for ages 3 to 13.

4G network and GPS

This model comes equipped with fourth generation technology which allows for better communication and connectivity, as well as a more precise signal for the GPS.


Video calls

Make video calls, from the parent application to the SoyMomo Space and vice versa. As long as both have a 4G or WiFi connection.


Front-facing camera, ideal to capture and share unforgettable moments. The photos are automatically saved in your gallery or they can also be sent to the application.


Your child can make calls to, and receive from, up to 10 contacts, these are configured and previoulsy approved on the application.


With its improved 4G connection, it registers where your child currently is and has been with greater precision than before.

Location history

A map of your child's recent locations with the time and place can be generated. Perfect to ensure your child got on the schoolbus for example.


The new long-lasting battery allows you to enjoy up to double the amount of time with your SoyMomo Space 4G than before. Plus, there is a new magnetic charging port to make charging easy.

Voice messages

SoyMomo 4G allows you to send and receive voice messages from the app. These messages are similar to those sent on Whatsapp, allowing for an easier and more fluid conversation with your child.

Block strangers

Calls to your child's device can only be made by a contact you have previously authorized. Our security filter blocks calls from unregistered numbers that have not been previously approved by you in the app, thereby preventing strangers from contacting your loved one.

SOS button

By simply pressing the SOS button for 5 seconds, SoyMomo Space will notify and send a message to you so as to notify you that your child is in need of your help.


SoyMomo Space 4G comes with an incorporated flashlight! Easily find it in the settings section.

Steps counter

Allows you to see how many steps your child is taking in a day and gives you the opportunity to further incentivize them to exercise.


Straight from the app you can reward your child by sending them stars to their SoyMomo Space to congratulate them on their accomplishments.


SoyMomo Space 4G has adjustable settings - allowing you to adjust the volume of specific sounds, as well as the brightness of the watch's screen.

Communicate in a safe manner with SoyMomo Space 4G

Any doubts?

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