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Clock-shaped phone with 4G coverage, video calls, camera, flashlight and extra-long battery.

Soymomo Space available in 3 colors for all tastes

Recommended for children between 3 and 13 years old

4G and GPS coverage

This model works with the fourth generation of mobile phone technology, which will allow you better communication and connectivity, a more precise signal and GPS accuracy.


Video calls

Make video calls, from the parent application to the SoyMomo Space and vice versa. As long as both have a 4G or WiFi connection.


Front camera, ideal for capturing and sharing unforgettable moments. Photos will be stored in the gallery or can be sent to the parents app.


You can place and receive calls from up to 10 contacts, which are configured from the parents app.


Its improved 4G coverage allows you to record your child's location more accurately, as well as provide a more accurate location history report.

Location history

You will be able to see on the map where your child has been, seeing what time and in which location he has been. Perfect to check the route and schedules that the school van has followed, for example.


New extra-long battery, you can enjoy up to double the time with your SoyMomo Space 4G. Also discover your new charger with magnetic input.

Voice messages

SoyMomo Space 4G will allow you to send and receive voice messages from the parents application. Messages similar to those sent through WhatsApp, allowing you to have a more fluid communication with your child.

Unknown Blocker

Unauthorized callers will not be able to call the SoyMomo Space. Our security filter will reject calls from numbers that are not added and authorized by you in the secure phone book from the parents application, preventing strangers from communicating with your child.

SOS button

Just by holding down the SOS button of the SoyMomo Space for 5 seconds, a notification and an automatic call will be sent to the parents' cell phone, to notify when your little one needs your help.


SoyMomo Space 4G comes with a built-in side flashlight! Find it in the settings section.

Steps counter

Allows you to see the number of daily steps the child takes, encouraging him to do more physical activity.


From the parents application, you can motivate your child by sending stars to their SoyMomo Space to recognize their achievements.


SoyMomo Space 4G has adjustable options, you can adjust the volume of different sounds, as well as the brightness of the clock screen.

Communicate safely with SoyMomo Space 4G

Any doubts?

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